Non-Profit Social Network Organizations

I myself work for Human Connection, a non-profit organisation that wants to build and operate a new social knowledge and action network. Free communication is my heart’s issue, therefore I also deal with this matter privately, especially with operations, organizational and data protection issues. <! –more–> It struck me that here and there I encounter organizations or associations that all have the same or a very similar goal. Therefore I will collect these here once, for myself as an overview, but also for you. This blog article will grow steadily. The organizations are listed alphabetically. Organizations and club list

Anoxinone e.V. (en)

Anoxinon is a non-commercial association whose goal is to inform citizens and strengthen free software. The main concerns are educational work & information in the form of writing, VOD, audio etc., among other things about decentralised communication, data security, encryption, data protection and censorship, the exchange with and promotion of open source projects and the provision of decentralised communication platforms.

Association Open Atlas (fr)

An innovative social network, created for citizens as actors of change.

Federated Networks Association ry (fi)

Federated Networks Association Ry is a non-profit volunteer organization that aims to spread knowledge about federated web projects and help people and projects working in this field.

Free Communication and Sustainable Lifestyle e.V.

Information and knowledge transfer on free communication media including the social, cultural, health, legal and other effects and the relevance of free communication media, promotion and support of statutory projects and initiatives. Promotion of the new development, adaptation and distribution of free and open source software, in particular for social networks and individualizable radio and TV offers, support and networking of contacts of NGOs oriented towards sustainability, promotion of the exchange of opinions and experiences of all socially relevant forces, as far as they strive for sustainable developments, across professional and industry boundaries, promotion of the distribution of the basics of free communication and corresponding networks, promotion of the acceptance of sustainable lifestyles in all socially relevant areas.

Human Connection gGmbH (en)

Human Connection is a non-profit social knowledge and action network of the next generation. By people - for people. For positive local and global change in all areas of life.

association for the promotion of free social media registered association. (en)