When I was too normal

Then that time was reached when the vegans attacked me. I think I had said something like that I would like to see a reduction in meat consumption and respect for people’s differences. People are different.

Normal distribution For example, I had a former friend who said he could only live if he had a large piece of beaf on his plate every day. He was quite unbalanced and ever only had a job until he had given his boss, because he was a fucking capitalist, which was a bummer.

There were also these phantasies of blowing up the Elbe bridges and the Elbe tunnel at the same time in order to really wipe out Hamburg’s industry - this mostly ended up in an overdose of vodka. This time he dumped drunk from his radiator on the video recorder, which breathed out his life in a big crash.

There was something I didn’t like about him in my early years, but he also had something incredibly analytical. He knew the various costellations of power of these international corporations, including which supermarket, who had turned which screw backwards again… So to say, the living capitalism understanding book.

He was a lonely man. When he told his girlfriend one morning that she looked like a pig (she took cortisone because of a skin disease), he was a bit more lonely for a while and when I couldn’t come to my own birthday because I had to help someone in the company, he got rid of me too. I had failed. I had always been a fucking bourgeois and capitalist anyway. Oh yes, with his girlfriend he was then together again, because, that was the reason: doing again everything with getting to know each other from the beginning, that would have been simply too much. They agreed on that.

I learned that people are different. For example, these two were different from me. I for example eat now, after I had a vagetarian for 20 years, little and rather rarely beaf and a lot of vegetables, this ex-boyfriend ate only meat and other people I know seem to get along with veganism or stoneage diet quite well.

And what am I now? With which group can I fight against the end of the world? Or do they all only have to save the world because they no longer feel themselves?

Perhaps it is also like this: it is, as in democracy, not at all about creating the good, but only about preventing the bad? To gain fame and honour in a group by fundamentally distinguishing oneself from the opposing group feels good. This creates admiration and a feeling of fighting for the same good thing. After all, you can’t just do nothing.

So as a man I want to fight for feminism, actually I am also some kind of feminist. Not my girlfriend, she’s just a woman. But I could also feed myself full low-carb, for example. Well, yes, that’s right, the food things are somehow worn out.

How about right or left? Although you don’t know exactly when you get up… Are they on the left now because they want to take something away from the rich or on the right because they could imagine that people talk about free immigration? And anyway, which group would have to join the left or the right today if he did it right?

The other day I met someone who just did go his own way. There was nothing about veganism and politics. He simply had his own opinion of all the things, that came across so naturally. Actually not at all like the mob, which is always like - not us. So it’s always, so to speak - well, the mob.

So this one who was going to election, for example, although protest-non-voting is actually in now. Because it is useless anyway and only strengthens the system. Well, this one has no Facebook anymore and no Alexa yet. He still talks to his girlfriend and that works out really well. And he reads books. Sometimes on paper, sometimes electronic, but always so long texts. Unusual.

So this one is me. And actually I don’t want to fight for feminism (and no other -ism), but rather for women to have the same rights and duties as men and to have a family with children and not to be forced into quotas in corporations and then slaughtered.

And I’m for men, too - I’m just one. And I am also not at all shy, if I find a woman really good looking to express this, could be forbidden in the meantime. But the topic has been settled with the years of living together with my girlfriend.

But, well, what am I now? The Jones? One with his own opinion? Does identity only works when being part of a group? Or is maturity when you can simply be yourself? Or am I just a minimalist because I don’t need all that?