Move to a new Data Center

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we decided to move to a new data center at the beginning of September 2019. Moving a data center is no small task, but the benefits for our customers have simply outweighed the benefits.

Move With the larger premises, we will be able to scale more freely over the next few years and there will be more space on the bookshelf. Our entire infrastructure is still operated with 100% sustainable green electricity from Bavarian hydropower. The five-fold increase in our cloud capacity through the use of new and powerful computer systems has not only paid off in terms of higher overall performance, but also enables us, in combination with the introduced new Gigabit switch technology and virtual network technology, to make better use of the existing capacity and thus greatly reduce the overall electricity consumption and waste heat of our data centers. Similarly, all our disk systems are now redundant to protect our users’ data. All operating systems continue to run on state-of-the-art SSDs, so all operations can be performed ultra-fast.

This should perhaps not go unmentioned: Our new data center is connected to a local heat supply system, so that the excess heat output can now be used 100% sensibly. A not inconsiderable improvement, especially in times of climate change.

The new air conditioning system, which directs the air flows in such a way that our computer systems never run hot, is designed in such a way that no overlooked heat zones can occur, which was simply not possible with our passively cooled legacy systems.

Over the coming weeks, we will replace more of these legacy systems and port them to our highly flexible cloud infrastructure. This will greatly simplify administration for us in the future.

We wish you a wonderful autumn and remain true to us, your team.