Jack, PulseAudio and Reaper DAW

In this article I want to show up how you can make Reaper going on Linux with audio, MIDI and cooperating with PulseAudio. This means, no other applications like Firefox or VLC stuck while using Reaper or your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW).

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Website Validation

Here is a list of the online tools I use, which might be helpful for you to find out if your website is without bugs or if it has some greater problems. Have fun and take a look at your own website.

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The ideal social Network

This article summarizes my insights and thoughts, which I have gained in the last years in working with, using and also operating social networks. I start from the respective ideal conditions and challenges and discuss how these can best be achieved in my opinion. This includes both technical and social aspects.

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Letsencrypt with acme.sh and Apache

I use the software acme.sh for getting certificates, a simple single shell script.

Features and benefits of this installation

This article describes a generic setup for Apache that has the following advantages:

  • The Apache configuration is never manipulated at runtime for fetching certificates.
  • Port 80 is only used for Letsencrypt.
  • All other web accesses are redirected from central to the respective https web pages.
  • We don’t need access to the DNS, as described here.

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Minimalistic NAS with SSHFS

A few days ago I installed Nextcloudpi on my Raspberry 4B. It worked fine, but it impressed me that a quarter of an hour felt like software was downloaded and installed. Actually, I just wanted to keep a few files central.

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RAID with SSD USB Sticks

Normally it is always a risk to carry important data around on USB sticks. They can be lost, broken, or accidentally deleted. This article describes how to build a disk array with data mirroring from two USB sticks. Hardware Normal USB sticks have a limited number of overwrite operations on each cell. So every USB stick will break after a while. With some technology, we will avoid this in such a way that the risk of losing data is minimized.

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How many Läufer does Otto know?

Otto is my German speaking bot and isn’t really intelligent yet. He can, as described in the last article, separate types of sentences and answer them meaningfully, but he cannot remember anything yet and, above all, he cannot assess the context in which a conversation is taking place.

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Move to a new Data Center

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we decided to move to a new data center at the beginning of September 2019. Moving a data center is no small task, but the benefits for our customers have simply outweighed the benefits.

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By Operation of Law

Anyone today who wants to run a blog or a private website on a specific topic or even a chat server is faced with extensive and disproportionate legal obligations. I’m writing about how intolerably wrong the current situation is and what concrete points at least need to be changed.

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