Secure Messengers

Have you already switched to a safe messenger or do you at least use one?

Yes, but what does “safe” actually mean? For your orientation, here is some information that shows all the technical features in German or English in a matrix:

For orientation here some more information:

My personal favorite is Signal. Wire , Riot and others have tracker code inside (more info on Exodus Privacy), which partly tracks your communication with a unique ID. On the desktop I find Tox and Retroshare quite ingenious. Tox is completely serverless and easy to use, but still a little bit flawed - so you only really talk to your friends. Retroshare is a whole arsenal and comes with forums and email replacement. Even when you’re offline, data is stored on your contacts, even without a central server. Retroshare requires ports in your router to be unlocked, which is not possible everywhere.

So, what does it look like - already changed?

Avoid monitoring and use secure and encrypted messengers.

If we don’t want all our communication to be monitored and evaluated, there is a possibility that we can take a step ourselves and become active. We are the mass that has to move. ;-)